Fanatic Perks - 11 for $10 Everything $1 Store in Honey Creek Mall Terre Haute IN

What are Fanatic Perks at 11 for $10 - Everything $1 Store?

Fanatic Perks are items that can be claimed 100% Free when you purchase at least $35 in $1.00 Deals at our 11 for $10 Everything $1 Store, these are in-store only. You will notice behind the counter on the shelves various items that are displayed. These are called Fanatic Perks. You should also notice a very large sign that gives an example of the items you can select from when you spend at least $35 in-store. Keep in Mind: You will receive 38 items for $35 because of our 11 for $10 system, and you will be able to pick an item worth up to $35, now that is an offer that is almost too good to be true, right? The point of Fanatic Perks is to be rewards for our LOYAL customers that spend at least $35 on our $1.00 priced Deals.

Fanatic Perks Redemption Guidelines:

  1. Only 1 Fanatic Perks item can be redeemed per day, in-store only.
  2. If the store has Clearance items priced at under $1.00, they can not be used toward the $30 total needed to redeem Fanatic Perks.
  3. Again only 1 FREE Fanatic Perks item per order, per day. If you absolutely want another Fanatic Perk, please visit again the next day. Of course Fanatic Perks are all First Come, First Serve.
  4. Fanatic Perks don't require any Membership, anyone that shop at a local 11 for $10 Everything $1 Store can redeem Fanatic Perks by going through the process. Please Note: You must request the Fanatic Perk, the employee is NOT required to offer you a Fanatic Perk.

Also Note: Special Purchase items can be included when redeeming Fanatic Perks! Yes those absolutely crazy deals we offer in-store can be included in your purchase when redeeming Fanatic Perks. More stores coming soon!