Frequently Asked Questions -


What is is an exclusively Online One Dollar Store owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC. We're a Flash Sale style fast pace discount retailer that sells everything for $1 each, with a special bonus for everyone. When you buy 10 items for $1.00 each, you will automatically receive the 11th item Free. As products sell out they are replaced hourly, daily and/or weekly. Also to be clear we don't just sell a bunch of junk, we offer 50 to 200 different quality products at a time of mostly Name Brand and Licensed products that are usually sold for much more elsewhere. So PLEASE don't compare us to boring traditional Offline Dollar Stores. Basically we are trying to offer you the BEST Deals on the internet. We admit maybe not the most, but the BEST! Important Note: Some of the products we offer are extremely limited and can't be purchased anywhere online or offline for the Delivered Price we offer, so if you see something you like BUY IT!




How can offer everything for only $1 online, and give a free item for every 10 items purchased? is unique, especially considering there isn't any other exclusively Online $1 Stores. Basically this creates 2 problems, first because consumers aren't used to shopping at One Dollar Stores online we have to give additional incentives. Also we have to work on very slim margins so that our customers can have a frugal shopping experience online. Of course the only way we can make any money is to have a large numbers of orders, so that the tiny margins can add up. This way everyone can benefit from our service. We're the first exclusively Online $1 Store, however we're not the first to offer buy 10 items for $1.00 each, and get the 11th item Free as a sale, we're just the first to offer it permanently. Keep in mind we feature 50 to 200 different products at a time on a Limited Time First Come, First Serve basis. So make sure you get your order in, and tell all your friends and family so we can keep those trucks rolling in, and keep finding you some Great Bargains!




Do you have to register to order from

We give you the option to register or check out as a guest.



Is there a Minimum Order?

No and we offer a Flat $4.95 Standard Shipping and Handling rate for your Entire Order.



What are your Shipping & Handling rates?

We charge very low Shipping & Handling rates, even though we're an exclusively Online $1 Store, that actually gives 1 item Free per 10 items purchased.


  • Flat Standard Shipping for your Entire Order: $4.95
  • Flat Expedited Shipping for your Entire Order: $9.95
  • Free Economy Shipping on orders of $50 or more.
International Shipping: At this time we don't offer Shipping & Handling outside the USA. However some customers have services we can ship to inside the USA to be forwarded to locations outside of the USA.




How long does it take to receive an order from when we place it to it being delivered to our door?

This depends on a few factors depending on your location, which method of shipping you select, whether you are a business or residential address, etc. In most cases the following is a good guideline. Our warehouse ships orders in 1 to 5 business days after the order has been processed. Of course the weekends don't count as business days. If you select the Standard/Economy Shipping method it will usually take 3 to 10 business days depending on your location to arrive after shipping. If you select one of the Expedited UPS/Priority Mail methods it will usually take 1 to 3 business days depending on your location to arrive after shipping. Basically we're trying to give you the best delivered price with very good service; however, we can't pretend that we aren't an Online One Dollar Store and we can deliver faster than more local industries, etc. We on average deliver much faster than other companies that say they're Online Stores. Our business model is built on volume so we do our best, and for the most part our customers love it!



Why can't I order more than 1 on certain products?

Because certain items are considered Special Purchases which we're offering on a limited basis of 1 to 3 per order per customer for one of the following reasons:

  1. The item is being sold below cost as a promotional offer.
  2. The item is being sold at an unheard of price specifically meant to reward our loyal customers.
  3. The item was one of our $5 and over Deals offered during Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions and have been reduced to clear inventory.
  4. The item is larger than we would normally be able to sell due to increased shipping cost, so we limit it to prevent very large packages that cost more to ship than a customer pays for the order.


What payments methods do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept all Major Debit or Credit Cards. Please Note: Because we only accept orders in the USA you must fill out the address section in order for the Debit or Credit Card option to be visible. We also accept PayPal Payments. For security purposes we do not accept phone orders, also we do not store Credit/Debit Card information on your account.




Why don't you accept Returns/Refunds?

Come On! We're an exclusively Online One Dollar Store with Cheap or Free Shipping, we describe the products and we sell quality merchandise. We'll take care of our customers, so if there is a real problem don't worry we will take care of it on a case by case basis. However we also want to be treated fairly, we work on extremely small margins, so we really are unlike other companies that make a large profit off the products they are selling. This also works in your favor, because we MUST HAVE Happy Customers to survive as a business.