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Important Facts to Keep in Mind:
  • We're a Liquidator, so we don't have an endless supply of the products we offer. Our goal is to buy a lot something and sell it all as fast as possible, so don't assume we will have the item forever.
  • We usually receive 1 or 2 Truckloads of product every Tuesday or Wednesday. We usually add new products to our website(s) every Wednesday and Thursday and sporadically throughout the week.
  • As stated we're a Liquidator so All Sales are Final! We offer Brand New products, even though some products are Shelf Pulls which means some products may have retail price tags on them; some products are store, distributor, or manufacturer Overstocks which means they most likely never made it to the shelf before they were liquidated; some products are from Truckload buys, and store closings, etc.
  • If you're buying to resell at your Retail Store or Online we can't accept the products back if some don't sell. However if there is an issue with products being damaged during shipping or something of that nature we will handle it case by case and take care of you. Our goal is of course happy customers, however we do want to be treated fairly and stay in business.
  • When you purchase from us we automatically provide you with an email or text invoice. We know some Online Marketplaces have lost their minds and may ask for more documents for example like our invoices. We would NEVER provide you with our invoices and in our opinion you shouldn't provide yours either. We can only say we sell authentic products that are acquired legally. The invoice you receive from us is a valid document and should be enough. That has been good enough for over 100 years and should still be good enough now, unless there is some other motive, but who knows.
  • We're not a manufacturer of any product or a manufacturer representative of any product. We're purely discounters/liquidators that look for quality legal products to sell as cheap and as fast as possible. So please don't expect us to have products available for a long period of time.
  • We absolutely do not provide databases, however we do usually have a UPC or similar so you can do research. If you find an item that we haven't added the UPC yet, you are welcome to contact us to ask us to add it. Our inventory is usually turned over quickly so we can't deal with providing databases which may not be accurate. 
  • We ship to the billing address of the payment you use. We DO NOT drop ship, and at this time we are NOT shipping to Online Marketplace fulfillment centers. We're working on some changes so that we can ship to fulfillment centers but at this time we DO NOT!