About Us

Making a Long Story Short:

Before we get into all the small talk, let's get this out of the way. 11for10.com is owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC. 11for10.com is an online and offline destination where you will find incredible One Dollar Deals, actually in our opinion which is based on facts, we have the best $1 Deals on average online and offline. We're not your traditional boring One Dollar Store even though we sell all of our products for only $1.00 each. Basically we're what you get when you combine the massive Dollar Store Industry with the exciting fast-paced Online Daily Deals concept. We feature 50 to 200 different Online $1 Deals at a time. As One Dollar Deals sell out, new Online $1 Deals are added hourly, daily and/or weekly. Some Online $1 Deals may last for a few hours, and some $1 Deals may last for a couple weeks, it just depends on our inventory and your buying patterns. Offline we carry several thousand $1 Deals at a time. Keep in mind, some $1.00 Deals may never be offered again, and some we may have an opportunity to offer once again or many times.


In Depth:

Dollar Fanatic LLC. is an online business built with Dollar Store and Daily Deal Shoppers in mind. Basically Dollar Fanatic LLC. was founded by a self-described Dollar Store Fanatic that spent a ton of time and money at various offline independent Dollar Stores and major Dollar Store chains. After searching for years expecting a serious Online One Dollar Store to pop up plus literally years of research and development, our founder decided to take matters into his own hands and created America's First & Only Exclusively Online $1 Store as an option for the Dollar Store Shoppers in the United States.

Of course creating an Online One Dollar Store was not an easy task, especially if it's going to be an Online One Dollar Store that can compete with the major Dollar Store chains. It was extremely challenging to come up with a functional plan for creating an Online One Dollar Store that could seriously compete with offline Dollar Stores, while noting the fact that other companies have not been able to do it previously. Also one of the biggest obstacles that needed to be considered was the additional shipping cost that offline Dollar Stores didn't have, it seemed almost impossible to overcome for a while. Eventually we figured it out and after a couple years of research, planning, and developing, DollarFanatic.com launched in January 2014 as the First and Only exclusively Online $1.00 Store, we later expanded to test out the $1.00 to $5.00 Dollar Store concept based on Customer Feedback. After the test we decided to change our Online $1 Store to 11for10.com where you buy 10 items for $1.00 each and get the 11th item free automatically. Now we're a fast paced exclusively Online & Offline $1.00 Store.

We at Dollar Fanatic LLC., are planning on making a massive impression on the Dollar Store industry in short order. We offer One Dollar Deals up to 95% Off with inexpensive Shipping or Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or more. So, of course we feel like we are the coolest One Dollar Store on earth because we are not just selling a bunch of cheap junk imports. We want to create an exciting fast-paced online shopping experience; we're featuring 50 to 200 different quality Dollar products at a time including Value-Priced, Closeouts, Name Brands, etc.

When developing the strategy and overall plan for Dollar Fanatic LLC, we decided to leave out many of the space fillers and certain products that can be purchased just about anywhere plus some products that are not realistic to ship directly to customers, such as, cheap large container household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc. (which by the way, after years of research those are considered by many consumers to be of extremely low quality at some Dollar Stores). We decided to sell more of those quality cool items like Party Supplies, Licensed Products, School Supplies, Office Supplies, DVDs, Books, Games, Grocery, etc. We would consider ourselves an Online Premium One Dollar Store with a layout similar to the commonly found Daily Deals or Weekly Deals websites, just at a much better price. It is very important for 11for10.com customers to keep in mind, we feature 50 to 200 different products at a time, and are actively adding products as they sell out, to make sure our website is always fresh and full of extremely good Dollar Deals.

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